Donate edible food to feed the hungry

Zero Hunger links your food donations with local nonprofits catering for individuals who struggle to afford food.


Reduce food waste

Let's build a world where nobody sleeps with an empty stomach


Wide Network

Smaller, easier-to-manage donations can get straight to where they’ll do the most good.


Food Charity Initiatives

We help hungry people across Africa through food aid distribution.


User Friendly

Creates infinite exposure and bridges the gap between the NGO and the needy.

The process we follow

Streamlining a fairly disjointed donation process

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Create a free account

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Upload information about food they have to donate, snap a picture of the food, fill out the reason for donation

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Select date and time for pickup and print


Recipient Donee


Algorithm sorts through the available donations template

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Match them with a partner organization based on need and timing

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Arrange collection of excess food from the source

Ending food insecurity

We intercept potential food wastage and divert it towards people in need in Africa.


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Get food to people who need it as quickly as possible

We make the platform simple and streamlined, while also collecting all the information food banks and agencies would need to decide whether or not a particular donation is viable, and what partner organization would be the best to go pick it up.

Get started

Manage the flow of excess food in the communities

The platform can automate the whole process, but donees can also jump in and override the suggestions from the algorithm. For each donor account, their donations live on a dashboard they can access to view past transactions. Oversee all incoming donations, and monitor how the food is being distributed out.

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Real Stories from Real Customers

Get inspired by these stories.

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I was impressed with its intentions, team and operations, and started donating. From supporting a few students initially, to supporting many more now, I intend to keep increasing my contribution with every successive year.

Floyd Adebisi

Product Designer

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I used landify and created a landing page for my startup within a week. The Landify UI Kit is simple and highly intuitive, so anyone can use it.

Jane Diallo

Marketing Coordinator

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I was totally satisfied, both with the method of disbursement and the target population. Instead of spending money on yearly rituals, I donate the amount. Money spent on God’s children should please the God anyway.

Kristin Ababio

Medical Assistant

Simple and Streamlined Process

Download the app to manage your donations and keep track of the progress. Stay on track and complete on time! Accessible in both website and app form.

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